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Restore the Glory Ministries, Inc.


Binghamton Region Healing Rooms

NYPENN Trade Center435 Main St.Suite 51 1st fl Johnson City, NY 13790

Who are we and what are Healing Rooms?

We are a FREE Drop in Prayer Clinic!


***COMING January 9th!...Mondays 1-3 in good weather!

*No Appointment Needed *Come as YouAre *Everyone is Welcome *No Charge - Its FREE!

Directions at Bottom of Page!

Just walk in, no appointment is needed during the hours we are open for prayer clinic. We are set up like a physicians office with prayer rooms. This ministry is for whatever prayer need you have. We are here to lay hands or just pray and agree in Jesus Name. In this day and hour we need to turn to God for all our needs. Some have great needs of healing, we are here for you. There are people trained and gifted in the Holy Spirit, people of our region to pray with you. If you are sick and in need of healing we can lay hands. Jesus speaks of this in Mark 16:18 about believers: They will place their hands on the sick and they will get well. We have people who have experience in signs, wonders, and miracles. These people believe and because they believe they see it! They consist of all different Christian Denominations. I have given them the Glory that you gave Me, that they may be One as We are One. John 17:22 Unity! We are dedicated to restoring the Glory of God to this region and all areas of life and around the earth!

The Glory of God is for now, the Kingdom of God is at hand. We don't have to wait until we die to be with Him and experience Him! God our Father gave His only Son as a sacrifice so we could have life abundant and NOW and fellowship restored between us and Him, HERE and NOW! He loves you so much that He wants a place dedicated to praying for you and pouring out His love on YOU! Come and experience a touch from God!
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Is Healing for Today? Isaiah 53:6 " The Lord laid on Him the iniquity of us all. Is 3:4 in Hebrews says "Surely He has bore our sicknesses and carried our pains." We are not only saved by the cross, but to be healed and delivered as well. (sozo) Come and receive the fullness of your Salvation! God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. Jesus said these signs would be seen by His true believers. He has given authority to His believers to do what He has done. We are to walk in His image and do as He did. In John 14:12-14 Jesus said "I tell you the truth anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing. He will do even greater things than these because I am going to the Father . And I will do whatever you ask in My Name, so that the Son may bring Glory to the Father. You may ask anything in my name, and I will do it." Jesus never suggested that these signs were only for then. These spiritual manifestations were meant for the whole church throughout all the generations, healing the sick and driving out demons as Jesus did and the believers who walked after Him. There are many people who have done this throughout the ages. One was John G. Lake (1870-1935), he opened healing rooms around the country and Africa. He got the idea from John Dowie who was doing healing rooms, he converted a hotel into a healing home. John Lake took his family there to be healed of their sickness. Now there is a re-digging of this well of healing rooms ministry and there are many, many all over the United States and the World.

Restore the Glory Ministries, Inc.

INNER HEALING This is separate from the Healing Rooms Ministries and on separate days, but at the same facility. We are taking appointments now for inner healing. This can take anywhere from 1-3 hours and is by donations. Inner healing can consist of personal prayer for the wounds of our childhood that we still carry with us today. Sometimes this will bring about deliverance.

Inner healing deals with those areas of life that keep us locked in patterns of sin and unbelief. Inner Healing addresses the hidden wounds in our lives that keep us captive and prevent us from maturing emotionally and spiritually. As these areas are brought into the light of Christ's truth, He brings healing and restoration, setting us free to live life more fully. We use principals taught by Elijah House Ministries or Theophostic, depending on the need or request. **We do not do SRA's here in this office. We will though recommend places who will do this kind of ministry.The offerings given for this type of ministry goes 100% to support the Healing Rooms facility.

Who is INNER HEALING for? Anyone! Everyone! Pastors and Leaders! When healing takes place the whole congregation feels the effects and blessing from it. We are dedicated to heal the leadership of the region. Come and experience inner healing and become whole! Are there areas of your life that you get triggered by your spouse or family? Areas of sin you cannot overcome? There is no need to continually work at overcoming or continually fall into sin. There may be some inner healing from your childhood that needs to be brought into the Light of Christ! Principals addressed! Forgiveness taken place, judgments inner vows broken, generational issues dealt with, curses to be broken. A number of things that can set you free. Lies believed about yourself that God wants to release you from. Like I will never amount to anything, or I am stupid. Things we carry from childhood and still believe today that prevent us from reaching all God has for us to be and to do. Not able to grow to the next level in our Spiritual walk. Feeling blocks from walking into your God Given Purpose and Destiny. This kind of ministry may help.

HEALING CENTER We are Restore the Glory Ministries, Inc.and havea Healing Center for a variety of purposes. We offer Healing Rooms to pray for your needs andpray for the sick. This is aWalk-In Prayer Clinic. Separate from the Healing Rooms, we are a Healing Center as well, by appointment only, we pray for inner healing and deliverance. We also offer TRAINING COURSES. We offer Training courses for Elijah House, Basic 1 and Basic 2 courses, Theophostic and Dream Interpretation hands on workshops. Some of these courses can be used for College Credit. We train men and women, pastors and leaders of our area and those of other cities and regions to go and do the same! To set the captives free and to teach others to do the same. (This is not part of the Healing Rooms Ministries)

Michael Diane Czekala - Directors of Binghamton Healing Center We are a part of an Apostolic Network, Vision of Hope, International. Apostle Larry Silverman

For more information or appointment for inner healing:mailto: 607-729-7500

Resource Center - We also have a variety of Books and CD's that most are not sold in your local Christian stores. These are revival teaching, equipping, inspirational and anointed material to help draw you closer to the Lord. The CD's are for your quiet timewith the Lord to help enhance your prayer time and help you focus on the Lord. Instrumental or Prayerful, Meditative vocals. These are for suggested donation. All goes to keep the Healing Rooms Ministries going.

Prophecies: Kim Clement prophesies in a TBN interview by Paula White. The U.S.A. has been going through a purging as we transition to a new position in preparation for the greatest harvest that has ever been seen. The Healing Rooms will play a role in this unprecedented move of God.Oct/05

Cindy Jacobs - "A new signs and wonders movement is coming which is significantly greater than what was seenin the days of the post-World War II healing evangelists. Part of the fruit of this movement will behealing centers which will be built around the world, devoted to praying for the sick and castingout demons."

Jill Auston - Healing Rooms: "These will explode all over the world. Also, healing teams will go to hospitals andto places in the world where epidemics are breaking out."

DIRECTIONS: NYPENN Trade Center 435 Main St. suite 51 Johnson City, NY 13790

HIGHWAY DIRECTIONS: 81 North or South or 88: You need to get on 17W Elmira/Owego to Exit 70-S near mall but (not mall exit) Take Johnson City/17C Exit off to the right. Take a right onto Main St. (go 3 lights) turn left onto First St. NYPENN Trade Center entrance is on the right. (Old School)

17E take 70-S Stay in right lane and an immediate right to Exit Johnson City/17C. Take right onto Main St. Go 3 lights to First St. Turn Left onto First St. and NYPENN Trade Center entrance is on the right.

When you come to the building (Old High School) You can either go upto middle doors, go down stairs on left. Go straight down hall to #51 on left. Or, there is 2 ground level doors with no stairs for handicap.* ***Use door on Left side of building: turn down hall on right till you come to hall on left, turn left #51 on left. Visable signs! (This is a wheelchair access entrance!